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Tinderpile plugin - tinderpile's creator

Hi everybody!

I’m having an issue with my tinderpile plugin. I’m trying to create a swapping platform so I’ve adapted to create a match if the tinderpile’s listingprofile’s creator’s matched clothes intersects with the user’s listing profile count > 0 (basically if both parties have swiped right on each other clothes there is a match)

Unfortunately, the programme seems to be unable to pull any data for tinderpile listingprofile’s creator generally. I’ve tried to circumvent this by creating a new data type under listing profile called ‘user’ and populating that at creation of the listing profile but it still doesn’t work.

I’ve set out screenshots of the workflow below. Any suggestions to fix would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I need to add the intersecting listing profile of the current user to the match… any suggestions for that would also be greatly appreciated too!

Thanks for your time (: