Creating merge tags in bubble like Mailchimp

Hi I want to create a welcome message to my customers that’s includes there name and Company and other information.
Is there a way to create a message like: Hello [NAME] thank you for signing for with your awesome business [Company]

And the NAME and COMPANY field is taken from the users data base.
The function should be like the Mailchimp Merge tags

Thank you

Yes, you can do this. Dynamic text based on data in the database is one of the most basic things you can do in Bubble.

Thank you so much for the answer.
Do you know if there is any tutorial or a place where I can learn to do that?

I suggest checking out the Bubble interactive lessons:

It will help with the basics of dynamic text and accessing the data types.

It sounds like you just need a couple of extra fields in your user type and then you can pull these into a workflow e.g. Send email and then in the contents of the email, add in these dynamic values.

Hello. And what about storing in the database for example, the welcome message (with its merge tags of course).

What I’m trying to achieve is give the user the possibility to create messages templates or canned responses with merge tags. These templates needs to be stored in the database with the merge tag.

Any ideas?

Thank you,