First app - need some help

Hi! I’m brand new to so please excuse the super-newbie question! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what I’m looking to do:
Let’s say there’s an e-mail template, where there are some parts of the email that remain the same, and some parts change depending on multiple dropdown choices and custom text fields.

So something like this:

Hi [name - text field],
I’m happy that you found us via [dropdown: E-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn].

This is a very basic version, I’ll be using more fields and a longer template, but I hope it gives a clear idea of what I’m looking to do.

I’ll want to create a customized e-mail with the various text and drop-down options and be able to easily copy and paste the final result somewhere else.

What are the main features in that I should learn about to be able to build my first project?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Bubble! For your scenario, some of the base concepts you want to explore are:

  • sign the user up workflow(s)
  • saving data to a user and creating fields for storing specific pieces of information (ex. source = is LinkedIn)
  • inserting dynamic data (while referencing a specific database item)
  • send an email to a user from a workflow

Dan (creator of LearnTo)

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