Creating new field by user

I would like users to be able to autonomously create new fields. when creating the application they must complete a questionnaire. it can represent as many choices as they want. How to create new fields automatically?

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It is not possible for users to create fields. The only way I’m aware of is to have a data type “fields” an have those fields as a list on the user.

It would look something like this.

When Current User presses ‘Button’ > Create new ‘empty field in database containing a list’ > display input fields inside a repeating group and set it to vertical scrolling > When input field changes > change the database value. When the input field in current cell is deleted, delete the database field

I’m sure this will get you on the right path following above process.

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How about this:

Let’s say you have a Thing which we’ll call “Container”.

That Container will have a field called “Custom Fields” which is a list of another thing called Custom fields

Make a form somewhere that will allow the user to make a new field and add it to the Specific Container of their choice.

This allows them to make new fields as they wish on the fly.

Then obviously make a repeating group somewhere that will display the Custom fields and use conditional formatting to display the proper input fields


You can do the same thing as I described above and only let admins have the ability to add or remove fields.

But here is the key to doing this: Make a new thing called Container Template and add the fields to that. Then whenever a new Container is created you can set the workflows up to copy the Custom fields field that you set up.

So this way every new Container made going forward will have the custom fields you (or the admins) already chose.

“With this method how do I add or a new field to my 10 thousand items?”

Good question.

Use the API workflows. Find a solution that works for your app without scheduling 10K individual workflows at once.

Hope I made sense & I wasn’t too vague in my explanation.


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Hello Bubblers.

So I’m trying to create a trend view of values on different dates. I have a field called date in my users data type and my 3 fields that have values. Currently in my workflow when the user clicks Update, the current date will be overwritten by the new date and the current values are overwritten by the new values…so I lose the previous date and the value. Is there a way to keep the old date and values so that I can show how the the values have changed over time?