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Creating own unique ID

I am trying to generate my own unique ids for products. I’d like something like ASIN or UPC codes.

What problems do you see with UNIX time stamp? Looking for suggestions.

don’t see an issue with it. but why go through the trouble of this when bubble already creates and assigns unique ids.

an issue could arrise if two users create a record at the exact same millisecond.

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Thanks @jared.gibb

It gives more control to us. For example, in scenarios where our business partner accidentally deletes the product or updates to a new versions, we can manually assign the previous ID to maintain user flow in the app.

I will have no control over Bubble generated UIDs if those are deleted.

Not sure if I explained it properly.

Regarding duplication at millisecond, I will prefix brand initials.

might recommend one of these then

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Much appreciated Jared!