Is there a term for the type of ID fields Bubble uses?

Hi everyone, I know that most Bubble records create ID’s that look like
which from what I’ve seen, seems to always be 13 numerical digits, an ‘x’, and then 18 numerical digits after it.

If I wanted to create ID’s like this in another system, is there a term used for this or any type of formatting that this is?

If I create a GUID in SQL it creates record IDs like AEDC617C-D035-4213-B55A-DAE5CDFCA366, so different from Bubble’s IDs.

Not sure if my question is clear, but if I was in another 3rd party system wanting to create an ID in the same format that Bubble uses, would I just tell a developer “13 digits x 18 digits, no duplicates allowed”? Or is there a proper name for this type of formatting?


Not sure if this is relevant to your Q but I always generate a smaller, snappy ID on new entry i.e. 325893 instead of