Creating Unique ID help

Need help while creating setting up recognizable IDs. I want to assign IDs to users & products.
For example: user can have a user id - U0001
product can have a product id - P10001 as the staring point then auto incremental afterwords

there are a lot of forum posts on this topic, a couple from this week alone I believe. I’d first have a search on the forum ( side note, searching the forum for answers usually leads to interesting reads on topics that may be of concern later in your building )

Also make use of the free tutorials on youtube by “coaching bubble”

There is a tutorial on this subject

If you need the zeros, I am not sure, as a forum poster never gave instructions on how they solved that issue as bubble automatically with numbers eliminates zeros on the front end of a string of numbers, and if you are using “U” or “P” in the string, you wouldn’t be able to use math to “+1” to get incremental ids

There are ways to get random sets of letters, numbers and special characters, but you can find out how to do it by watching a tutorial on the youtube channel mentioned or using the search function of the forum.

As a side note, using product ID is good, but I recently came across SKU and Keys as a better way to keep track of products…it doesn’t necessarily eliminate a need for a unique ID but it helps with keeping things identifiable and trackable across the app

For instance : Mens has a key of say “MEN”
Shirt has a key of say “SHT”
Long sleeve has a key of say “LNG”
Large has a key of say “LRG”

Put it all together to have an SKU of “MEN-SHT-LNG-LRG”

This could be used in your URL on the product page, can also be useful to search and filter products so you could display all Mens products or all Shirts or all Large products by referencing the Keys

Hello! I have the same problem as OP. Would you mind please linking to the tutorial you mentioned in your post? If it’s the ‘Voting App’ one I’ve been through that several times but it’s not quite what I need.

So, every single thing you create in a bubble database has a unique Id. You may not like the look of it, but it is what it is. You can also look into solutions like nanoid (my personal fave) or simply uuids.

I don’t get why this question comes up regularly as there’s no need for a solution.

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I don’t have a link to the forum post as I would need to search the forum for it. If you search, you will find

I think from now on that should be a motto for bubble users, like a play on the “If you build it they will come”

“If you search you will find”

Thanks, I get that, but for many beginners, they don’t know what keywords to use in search. They are beginners, and do not know what they do not know.

I’m a professional graphic designer. Sometimes it gets frustrating dealing with the public, but I remember not to make assumptions; I do what I do all day every day, nobody else other than experts like me can know or do what I do.

I am grateful to people like you for helping, it really is appreciated. Bubble will do what I need it to do eventually, but the learning curve is too steep right now, because the people that know how to use it properly have the automatic assumption that everyone else is at the same skill level that they are.

Plus it seems that the subject of User ID/Product ID has come up often enough that the devs should really have incorporated it as a base function by now.

I got to say, I started as an absolute beginner, no background in programming, or graphic design ( I could barely follow a photoshop tutorial ) and usually found that searching, not blindly, but with some idea of what I was searching for, I’d use the search function like I would google search and see what came up. That is why I had said this:

as that literally taught me so much more than anything else. It lead me down roads of bubble’s abilities that I had no idea were there. Plus seeing what the experienced coders were talking about gave me some insights into the terminology used ( there have been times I’ve used google to look up what a term meant )

In fact, the use of a product key and SKU were things I learned about because I would read through dozens of threads from one search and randomly saw the idea, noted it down, and the next day researched it more using google, and found it to be an essential component of a e-commerce site.

This is true, it took me about a year and a half to feel fully confident I could build basically anything I want. However, after just a couple months, I was able to follow along with tutorials and put together the functionality I needed. If you keep up with it, and use the right techniques to learning ( one of which I am adamant about is to search the forum and read a lot of posts ) you can get over that learning curve.

I don’t think that is true. In fact, a lot of the people who were active on the forum two years ago when I was starting out are no longer on the platform, and the ones who are active now are usually like myself, and “paying it forward” so to speak as we received help from those first users (most of who were programmers and were talking about things involving code)

I will say this about my comments on searching; I am a teacher, when students ask me questions, I respond with a question because my job isn’t to just give them answers, but rather give them the ability to think critically and problem solve on their own. For me, “teach a man to fish and feed him for life” are some of the most truest words.

I believe once users are able to accept that the learning curve is steep, and have an idea of what are some of the best ways to get beyond that learning curve, they will have been empowered to figure out most things on their own.

Lastly, the reason why I wouldn’t search to find the post is because as difficult as it would be for you to search and find it, the same is true for me. There are ways to index a post you like and want to return to, however, in the more than 2 years on bubble, and the way that I read threads to find answers on my own, I have read thousands of posts, and not everyone is relevant, although topics of discussion may be recalled by me and just not easily placed to where the topic was discussed.

Here are a couple of screen shots with keywords I would use to search ( tip: most of the time, whatever the title of a need help post might be, those are probably the keywords to search )

As you can see and probably are aware of, there are a lot of threads on the topic, and unfortunately skimming through them is how I usually find answers to my questions. I also search in the “coaching bubble” youtube channel to see if there is a tutorial on the topic.

I don’t personally have any type of business set up to teach or coach people. I literally, maybe because of profession ( teacher ) or because I was helped ( paying it forward ) spend time to answers posts that don’t have a reply on them. I want to make sure people don’t abandon the platform because the learning curve is steep and they get stuck on one detail of their app.

I will say, as you are a graphic designer, don’t give up and take the time needed to learn bubble properly. I have responded to bubble feedback requests indicating that the most suitable target user is graphic designers as making something look good for me at least is the hard part, making things work in bubble is the easy part ( after two years of learning the platform ).

And yes, I would rather take the time to write a long post than to search and read through the forum to find a post to link to, again, because I’d rather give people an ability to learn on their own than to just feed answers.

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