Creating Payment Schedule with Repeating Group

Hi @milo,

Check out this example I built in the link below. You’ll need to install the Toolbox plugin so that you can use the List of Numbers element. Set the start number to 1, the end number to the value of the Payment Number input, and increment by 1.

The repeating group is set to type number, and the source is the value of this List of Numbers element. Then use the values from the inputs to display your results.

  1. The current cell’s number
  2. Payment amount input’s value (doesn’t change)
  3. I have what would be a hidden input (visible now in the sample link) to calculate the amount to subtract by plus the text displaying the result for balance.
  4. Same concept for date: a hidden input to calculate the amount to add months by and then the text displaying the resulting date.

Check it out and let me know if this helps. There might need to be some adjustments to avoid negatives if someone enters in a larger number of payments for a smaller loan. For example, if you have 5 payments of a hard $200 for $500 loan, it’ll show negatives because it’ll get paid off sooner… but maybe you can take what I’ve done from here and adjust. One thought is to add a condition on the List of Numbers element when the input values are going to result in negative… you can change the ending number so it cuts it off.



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