How to show all the days of a month by Repeating Group?

I would like to make a list of perticular month, to show the monthly schedule of specific month. it would like as below:

May 1: (no event)
May 2: event A
May 3: (no event)
May 4: event B, and event C
… (continued)
May 31: (no event)

I think using Repeating Group fits well to make this kind of list, since the days of each month differs (ex. Feb. only has 28 days while Dec. has 31 days), but it have not found how to do this. Maybe I need to choose “date” as the “Type of content”?

Hope someone help on this. Thank you in advance.


Did you figure this out?

Not yet. I have been making other parts of my site. I need solve this problem soon.

Any luck on this? I have a similar challenge and am looking for solutions. Thanks.

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Please @emmanuel is it possible right now? Do it need a plugin? I find a little hard to manipulate dates in Bubble, to obtain the last day of a month, or list the days in week 1.

Currently, it seems that you need to create a workflow that will create a list of days and you can use this list of days as Data Source in your repeating group.

For instance, you can create a new thing called RepeatingGroupDay with a field Date. If you need to display the last seven days in your repeating group, just create a workflow that will successively create 7 RepeatingGroupDay with the appropriate Date. Then, in your repeating group Data Source, Do a search for RepeatingGroupDay.