Creating range date type in backend workflow

Dear Bubblers,

please I need help with creating range type to database in backend workflow (recurring).

To the item “Period” (range type) I need to insert “last week” range.

For example you can see on the picture what I mean From and To.

But when I want to create the range type from Current date/time, I can’t to see functions for rounded down to and + seconds in second parameter of the range. I see only :start , :end, … you can see on the screenshot:

Please, any idea?

Thank you so much


Please, any idea? Thank you so much.


Yeah, this in my opinion is a major UX design flaw by Bubble and I’ve submitted an idea to the idea board to have them change this. You might also do the same to hopefully have more voices to push the needle on the issue.

In the end you can add parameters to you backend workflow that are the from and to and set those when triggering the backend workflow and then in your Period you reference the from and to parameters to create the range.

Thank you @boston85719 Can you share me the link to the board, where you shared this idea? Thank you so much

I feel your pain here, Date Ranges and Number Ranges do have some limitations that you need to work around. In your specific case, are you setting the From and To fields in the same Action as the Period range?

If you are, I would split it up and first set the To and From dates in one Action and then create a second Action immediately after to make changes to the same piece of Data where you can set the Period range with an expression like:
Period = This data's From <-range-> This data's To

Hi @boston85719 and @gf_wolfer thank you so much, I resolved it by creating parameters from, to of the endpoint.

parameters of the endpoint:

calling endpoint:

creating new thing (in endpoint):

thank you so much

Petr Majtán,