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Date range arithmetic and parenthesis function

Seems like I can’t add 1 month to an end date, within a date range. (I can only do arithmetic on the start date)

This is an API workflow, so I can’t use custom states to store intermediate values.

A lot of limitations like this within the Bubble composer (is this what it’s called?). For a start, a parenthesis function would help greatly. Rather than making the order of operation strictly sequential.

No, but you can create a Parameter to hold the value

Make a Parameter called “start date” and have it be a type date and a Parameter called “end date” and make it a type date

When you schedule the backend workflow set the date Parameter values

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Thanks! I’ll try that.

But I’m wondering if it’s safer to have 2 fields instead - start date and end date.
In case I need to manipulate the dates in future, and it’ll be harder to do it on a date range?

Might be. Still possible to do, so I guess just a personal choice.

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Thanks! I guess I’ll play it safe and have 2 fields.