Creating record in Bubble using API connector producing blank records

Hey all I cant figure out what I’m doing wrong here so I thought I’d reach out for some help.

I’m trying to create a record in bubble using JSON in the Body of an API call in the API connector.

I’m convinced I’m doing everything right however I keep getting blank records. I’m happy I’m getting the record created however I find it strange i’m getting a blank record with no error.

Here is a screenshot of my call

Bumpity Bump, any ideas??

Use Form Data rather than Json.

If I switch to form data I lose the BODY of which all my information is in

share your app, i will check and update.

This is my test app, you should find the call in API Connector

-> New Temp Example

Hey mate, ive posted my app below, any thoughts?

Sorry for delay reply.
I wil check the api connector and get back to you.

Thanks a million, it’s a bit of a cornerstone of my app to have this working

Before start writing the create thing in the app connector, please check the field names in the app object using get method.

On app connector add “Content-Type” is “application/json” and use field name as same as in the above details.

For your reference:

My app URL : testingsite1 | Bubble Editor

You my friend are a dead set LEGEND!!