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Creating search results on a new page (Geographical Locations)

Hi Guys,

I am creating site that allows people to search for bars near them or by a set location. I have a front page which allows the user to set the location they want to search for but I want to results to come up on a new page.

I have gone through the Tutorial “Sending Data to Pages” but this doesnt give me the answer. I have looked at Parameters questions on the forums and this doesn’t seem to help.

Can this be done?

The search bar is purely a geographical location.


It can be done. On the new page, set the type of your choosing. On the home page, pass the location data (e.g. address, lat/long, etc) to the new page as data or as a parameter. Which part of the process are you stuck at?

Hey Scott,

Thanks for coming back to me. On the new Page I have created a repeating group and set the type to ‘Bar’ (this is a list of all the bars, it includes Name, Geographical location etc). The bit I am stuck on is the work flow from the first page (Home Page).

When you say ‘pass the location’ data - what data is this? Is it the formatted geographical address?

Hi Scott,

I have resolved this now.

Thank you!

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