Passing search input field data to new page

On the Index page I have two input fields: name (text) and location (address), and a search button.
On the Search results page I have same input fields, which I’d like to pre-populate with submitted content from the Index page and show searched results in RepeatingGroup listing.
I believe it could be achieved with a workflow of the Search button: Search Button is clicked - Step 1 Go to page Search results - Data to send …
but what ever combination I try it gets red and asks for “(More…)”

What I’m doing wrong?
How such request should be handled?


If you really must go to a new page (hiding and showing groups is quicker) then in this situation it is simpler to save the search parameters on the Current User (they don’t have to be logged in) and then retrieve them on the next page.

“Data to send” works best when it is something already on the database (so you SEND a thing).

You can use URL parameters as well - use “Send More Paramters to the page”.

Can you see the link I attached in the initial post and get inside that page?

Is it set to be public ? Doesn’t look like it is.

I just made it public, please take a look and advise

Hi @andisdr,
One mistake you had was that you had both url parameters on the index page set to search.

I’ve changed them to location and name.
On the search page you can get the parameter value by using “Get data from page url” then specify the name of the parameter.
I’ve also done that for you so now on the search page you will have whatever was typed on the index page in the search page inputs.
I’m not sure how you want to do the search so I didn’t touch that.
Are you searching with the name or the location?

I don’t know your requirement but maybe you may also want to consider replacing the input for the location with a search box set to geographic places. This will give you an autocomplete location dropdown.

Hey @andisdr, if it helps, I just posted a video today about how to create this exact functionality:


@NigelG, @seanhoots, @romanmg - thank you for advise! - issue is now fixed

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