Sending data from search result click

I have a search bar in the reusable element header of my page.

After a search result is clicked, I want to go to a page rendering that search result’s page. Here’s the workflow:

However when I try to add a text box to the new page to display the search result, I don’t see that search data as an option.

What am I missing? Or do I have to send it as a parameter in the URL??

Presumably, you haven’t set a content-type for your destination page (so you’re just dealing with text values here)…

In which case, you need to use ‘get data from page URL’ as the data source, select path as the Type (and text as the other type).

That will give you the text from the URL path

Although I’m not sure why you’re using both the path AND a URL query parameter with the same value here? Is there a reason for that?

In any case (and obviously depending on exactly what yo’re trying to do), it might make more sense to ‘send’ the actual ‘Company’ to the destination page (rather than just a text value from the Company datatype)…

That way it’s much easier to access the Company data on the destination page (rather than just its name)… so for that you’ll need to set the page content type to Company.

the url query parameter was me trying to send data another way!
that works, thank you, i just had to set the destination page’s content type to company.

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