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Creating Survey using Emoji as answers

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the Bubble community and have been working on a a MVP called “No More Small Talk” which for all intensive purposes is a survey based app where people can create Collections of Questions where users can answer them and get feedback on their answers against friends lists, geolocation and worldwide results.

I’ve managed to get quite far however I am having issues with creating pages to answer the questions in the collections. For each question there are up to 10 responses which are all based on Emojis and their default meanings. The problem I am having is displaying one question at a time and displaying the emoji with default meanings as a radio box which is to be recorded when the answer is submitted.

The emojis and default meanings have their own database but is pulled across as URL and text within the questions table.

What I would like to do is show the Question and display the Emojis and default values and collect the data as a radio button but I cannot seem to load the Emojis nor default meaning.

Any ideas how to best go about this?

Thanks very much for your assistance.


Hi Ryan, welcome welcome!

Have you thought about not using a radio button, but instead a repeating group? The RG type = Emoji/default meaning and RG source = Question’s list of Emoji/meanings. That gives you much more flexibility to to format the response display however you want. Add a checkbox (or even an icon to act as the selection input) and use a custom state to save the response chosen. Make sure to create a conditional on it to make the rest not clickable so that this behaves like a radio button and only 1 of the list can be chosen. You can do something like “when custom state’s value is not current cell’s response” > not clickable.

Maybe try that out!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thank you for the welcome and for taking the time out to help me. I’ve been working with this system for the past day or two and I love it! Of course there is a bit of a learning curve but I’ve managed to get done what i could only dream of without a proper full stack developer.

Back to the task at hand, I initially created a repeating group that displayed the questions and then attempted to illustrate the answers as radio buttons underneath. The questions were displayed as text and the answers was supposed to be a radio button but I am not having much luck with that. I think I went that way because I did not know how to ask each question individually and then radio image buttons for the answers in a repeating group.

I have “questions” related to a “collection name” and then “answers” related to a “question” but I do not know how to display one question at a time with a NEXT button moving onto the next question with all answers displayed as repeating group radio buttons.

Is there anything you can point me towards?