Novu - Notifications (Use it in your apps!)

If you haven’t heard of Novu, I highly recommend. It makes in-app notifications a breeze, as well as other notification types such as email, sms, chat, push, etc.

5 mins and you can get a prototype workin’!

Vercel uses this as their primary notification system, and it’s pretty neat and customizable.

Anyone else dabbled with Novu?


That looks super cool. Good tip, @lantzgould! Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

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Looks cool. Any chance you can give a brief rundown on how to get it working on bubble?

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just check out their API docs. You can use it by sending it API calls which you can implement in the API connector.
So for every notification you want to send, you send an api call to novu, and then manage the rest from their dashboard (to who, which channel, which language…)

Yep, as @klaas.vanhoeck1 said the api is used to trigger notifications. There’s of course more you can integrate, but for a basic setup, drop the script from their web component and then setup a call to their trigger endpoint.

This looks cool, I could see different instances where I use this! Thanks for sharing @lantzgould :raised_hands:

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You bet. I’m still exploring their platform but happy to answer any questions along the way if I can.

It’s too bad Bubble’s plugin ecosystem doesn’t allow for collaboration like GitHub. Would be great to start an open-source plugin where others can contribute to.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing @lantzgould !

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