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Unique product number and Database

Hello everyone! I need some help…

I’m creating an app where customers buy a product and then they create a user profile to use it.
Each item will come with a unique product code (minimum 6 digits of numbers) and the customer needs to put this code to sign in and create the user profile.
Any idea how I can build such a thing? Should I use an external database? If yes, how?

Thanks in advance!

  • I know already how to generate the unique codes with an external website, I need help to implement them with my app

You could complete this with bubble. Any time a piece of data is saved to the DB it’s assigned a unique identifier, albeit it’s quite a bit longer than 6 digits.

With bubble, upon buying something, your app could simultaneously create 2 pieces of linked data.

The user.


A purchase that is directly linked to the user

This is called a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many database relationship and is one of the prime benefits of bubbles built-in database, IMO. Makes it real easy to store and find data in an efficient and logical manner.

Let me explain better…
A customer buys my product from my Shopify Online Shop. With the product they buy comes a card with a unique code and they need to write it in the mobile app (that I’m building with bubble) to be able to sign in…
I’m doing so because I don’t want that someone will create a user profile without buying first the product.
Is it clear?