Creating updates system

in my app, I want whenever I make an update to show whenever the user logs in. Is this possible with bubble?

Yes, put an action in your login workflow that does the update, right before you “go to main menu” or whatever you do when the user logs in. But after the login action !

Thanks but that’s not what I want. I want the popup to show only when the user hasn’t read the update and for automatic detection of when I create one thanks

anyone? @dan1 @NigelG @marcusandrews

Just sent you a message with a tutorial.

Thanks @dan1 helped a lot

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Maybe you could share with the community, that way it benefits us all ?

@NigelG sure, it’s one of my subscriber tutorials. But I’ll make this one public on my Youtube channel. See below.

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Basically, I created a new yes/no field on the user called ‘unread updates’. Whenever i publish an update, it will set the unread updates to yes of all my users, and then i have a workflow that runs on the homepage to show a list of updates popup

thanks dan for the tutorial, checked out learnto and it looks good

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