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Display Updates Similar to Bubble's 'Gift Box' Technique?

Anyone have a simple workflow for notifying a user that updates have been made your site? I’m looking for something similar to the the way Bubble uses the little ‘present’ icon. Thanks!

Have a data type called “Updates” and create a new Update whenever you’ve got one (text field for description). Under User, have a yes/no field for “Unread Updates” - Whenever you create a new update, make a change to all users’ Unread Updates… = yes.

Make the notification icon (e.g. git box) change color or visible or different state to get their attention when the user’s unread updates = yes. When they click on it to open the log of updates (List of Updates in a repeating group), change it to “no”

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


That’s genius. Thanks Gaby!

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Follow-up: does this work with existing users in a database? I can seem to only get the functionality if I create a new person…

Of course, once you deploy the new field and other workflows involved, new users will have a blank field (ie “no” value), so whenever you create a new update, the workflow that changes the field value to yes will include them too and they’ll be caught up. Does that make sense?

Not really…

What function would change the Unread Updates to ‘yes’?

I thought perhaps it was just changing the value in the database for all users, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. So something within the front-end needs to pass the update?

Save all your updates to the database as a separate Update data type with a text field to store the update text. Whenever you create a new Update (from an admin page for yourself), the workflow would include this field value change.

When “create update” button is clicked:
First action: Create new Update: text = description

Second action: Make a change to list of users (search for users): unread update = yes

Basically you need to build the interface for yourself to create/save updates. From that same workflow, you’ll change all users’ “unread update” field to yes so that anyone who has changed it to no (from another workflow like clicking on the gift box) will see that there is a new update again.

You can display the full list of updates to the users like Bubble does with a repeating group that is a list of Updates (your data type).

You’re welcome to share a link and I can set this up for you if that would help!

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You can also maintain a reference on the User the last update they have seen and show any new updates as those that have a date later than the last update seen. This avoids having to modify all users and it will only pull the relevant updates each particular user has missed.


This is great, @Scott and @romanmg. I didn’t think through creating an admin page for myself; reading that was the realization moment. Thanks!

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Great thoughts here!
I’m going to do something similar in my app but instead will use the update tracking approaches listed here to automatically show a reminder of what’s new since you last logged in - like a running list of things. Thanks again for sharing! @romanmg @Scott