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Making changes to every user

Ok, so I created the simple grocery list app with Bubble and it’s available for free on the iOS app store.

There’s a little issue when updated the application. If users do not have the app open when I update it, then they never see the “this app has been updated” button on the top of the screen and in turn continue trying to use the application which doesn’t function correctly until the app is hard closed.

To counter this, I have created a field for each user called “needs update” and I say, when page is loaded and current user is logged in and current user’s “needs update” is “yes”, show “Refresh app group”. Once the user clicks the button inside the refresh app group, the field “needs update” is changed to no, the page is refreshed and the application works again.

This is what I’m trying to do after pushing an update for a native app:

Change “needs update” for every user to “yes”

Just call “make change to a list” and update every user. What I would do instead is to approach the field in the reverse direction. Check to see if they have seen the latest update, if not, store the date when seen.

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Makes a lot of sense. Thanks Scott. I just updated a list of things (user) - do a search for users who “needs update”=“no” and change to “yes”

Thanks again