Creating Upwork for Churches (trouble with statuses)

Hey there! I am new to Bubble so maybe I’m biting off a little more than I can chew but I hope not…! I’m creating a freelance job posting and bidding platform. It’s basically or but specifically for churches.

Currently I have a Data Type for all the Projects that are posted by churches. And I also have a data type for all the project bids/proposals that the freelancers submit. Somehow these two need to be linked.

This first picture is the data for Project Postings

This second picture is the submitted proposals by freelancers to do the job

At some point the freelancer or the church needs to be able to set the status of the job. Whether its the freelancer setting it as “In Progress” or the church marking it as “Complete”. And I’m not sure how to set it up where when the status changes to “In Progress” on the Proposals Data Set, it needs to change on the Project Posting Data Set as well.

For example if someone bid to do “Web Design” for $1,000 and the bid get’s accepted and in progress, the freelancer would mark it as “In Progress” (like in the second picture). It needs to say “In Progress” in the Project Posting Data Type as well.

Any thoughts on how to do this? Am I going about this the wrong way so far? I appreciate your help!!

LINK TO THE EDITOR: Saas-testing | Bubble Editor

It’s tough to get a clear picture without a link to the editor, but it sounds like you can just change the status of the related data types when the bid is accepted. Again, it’s tough to get a clear picture without a link to the editor.

Oh yeah! Here’s a link to the editor.

Thanks for checking it out!