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Creating workflows that run if another workflow exists, against that workflows created thing

Hi fellow bubblers,

I was wondering if it’s possible to run a workflow conditional upon there being another workflow.

For example:

Workflow 1 creates a thing.

Workflow 2, if created/enabled, will run and append or change an object in THING as a result of workflow 1.

If Workflow 2 does not exist, or the criteria for workflow 2 does not apply to what workflow 1 is creating, then workflow 1 will run without workflow 2 making any subsequent changes to THING resulting from workflow 1.

Hopefully that makes sense and someone has experienced this type of logical issue before.

Thanks in advance!

In this case workflow 1 is primary. It will run with workflow 2 only if something is TRUE in workflow 2. Or else it will run independently. Validate my understanding please!!

If yes, then you can have a nested workflow in workflow 1 for workflow 2. Give a condition to run only when something is True in workflow 1.

That’s the thought process here @vinaytadahal, ultimately, the goal is a user can create an automation unique to them, that runs against existing workflows at the core of the app.

I’ll try nesting workflows within the ‘parent’ that will compare conditions and execute.

I imagine the logic can become quite complex but I’ll report back when I’ve been able to test the basic functionality.

Thanks for your response!

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