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Multiple workflows based on conditions

I’m having an issue try to get different workflows to run based on some conditions. I’m pretty sure I have it setup correctly but something isn’t working. My users can be either a company, a pilot, or both a company and a pilot. When they sign up they identify what ‘roles’ they will be. I can’t get bubble to use different workflows based on what they are.

In the below images. a user has signed up as a company, but not as a pilot. The debugger is telling me it can’t run the work flow because the workflow it is trying to run is where a user will be both a company and a pilot, but it wont move to the next workflow that states what to do when the user is a company but not a pilot.

Any ideas? or know whats wrong?

A link to the editor would be best way to help.

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Its on the ‘user_onboard’ page

I think it’s because you have 2 different Finish buttons and the workflows aren’t all for the same button. Try re-labeling the buttons so you can confirm which one is being used in those 3 workflows.

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Agreed. It should work as configured, so maybe something odd with the two Finish Buttons.

Wow, yea didn’t notice that. Thanks so much!! It works now

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