Creation and editing of personalized themes

Thinking of a way where users of white label applications can create and edit their themes, I thought of a solution.
To allow the user to create, save and edit their themes, they often need to create a table in the database and save the necessary information. And after that, he must manually add a conditional to each component that will be changed when changing the theme, be it Group, Text, Shape, whatever.
Thinking about optimizing this process, I imagined the possibility of using the assigned style (Style attribute) as the main factor to make editing themes more functional. Two changes to the Style Attribute, adding the possibility of making changes to the style conditionals, in addition to those already available such as hover, press, click, being able to add normal front conditionals.

Or what would also help, the possibility of adding dynamic style colors, so the user can use data saved in the database.

What do you think?

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