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Let users choose a theme template (Like Google Slides)

I’m assuming this is a database thing, let me know if I’m wrong.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: Google slides allows you to choose templates and themes, how would I do this on Bubble?

  • For design theme: Ex. I want a user to choose a design template they like so it’ll have the colors from the theme.

  • For template theme: Basically the position of the text, what the thing looks like.

Only thing that comes to mind is if user selects: Template 1, the page layout will change, but I’m not sure if that actually will impact the display of it when others look at it after it’s published.

If you can tell me how you’d approach letting someone create power points with those 2 options above (Theme & template/structure), that would be super helpful!

Note: I’m not actually trying to create Google Slides, just using it as an example!