Creation of an Bet APP

Someone Knows if i can creat a Bet app with Bubble? I can’t find any plugin todo this mecanic. And i can’t find anything about it in anywhere.

what’s a “Bet app”? Is Bet a platform with an API that you want to integrate with?

if you want to set up online betting as a game this is possible in Bubble. If your users are betting with real money you won’t be able to use Stripe to process their payments and distribute money. I believe PayPal also bans online betting but you can check their terms of service. In this case, you may need an integration with a special online payment facililitator


You also need to abide by bubble terms of service. So need to firstly ensure you are operating only in territories which online betting is legal and I would assume you could only allow customers from those territories to use your app.


good call, I didn’t think about Bubble’s possible restrictions too