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Creation of an Bet APP

Someone Knows if i can creat a Bet app with Bubble? I can’t find any plugin todo this mecanic. And i can’t find anything about it in anywhere.

what’s a “Bet app”? Is Bet a platform with an API that you want to integrate with?

if you want to set up online betting as a game this is possible in Bubble. If your users are betting with real money you won’t be able to use Stripe to process their payments and distribute money. I believe PayPal also bans online betting but you can check their terms of service. In this case, you may need an integration with a special online payment facililitator

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You also need to abide by bubble terms of service. So need to firstly ensure you are operating only in territories which online betting is legal and I would assume you could only allow customers from those territories to use your app.


good call, I didn’t think about Bubble’s possible restrictions too

If you mean that you want to create a betting platform, than I would say that you need to change your purpose, because betting platforms requires authorisationds and a bunch of documents that is not that easy to obtain. Better try to create an online casino or just a game like I think it would be times easier and you will have less problems with work. Anyways, I think that bubble is good enough for this and you can create both of them very easy.

I didn’t even know it was possible

Yes, it is. I didn’t know it before either, but my friend completely changed my mind

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