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Cryptocurrency Betting/Gambling app


I’m planning on creating a crypto betting web app, which would be very simple. However do you think this is possible on bubble, and how difficult would this be ? Would I be obliged to code and is such a project realistic, for a web dev beginner ? (I know the basics)Thanks.

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Sounds quite interesting idea & complex!
For sure you would end up coding at some point.
I think if there is a chance to create it, you need to find an API to connect to for doing all the crypto transactions and connecting the wallets of your users.
The betting system could be done in Bubble but the users bet in what? Let’s say the price of a coin for example. If so, you also need another API to connect for displaying and evaluating if the price of a crypto goes up or down
Bubble made a plug in in Collab with Nexus, i belive that the name, and the plug in allow the creation of smart contract and even NFT’S o think.
Never used it but seems like a good place to start and see how much time that plug I’m can help you.

God luck!

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Hey Nantoine333,

I almost built an application like this in the past using Bubble with a friend of mine. It is totally possible, but building a crypto betting app is really broad and would require way too many moving parts. What would be more helpful is if you had a specific bet type in mind. That way you can create a Smart Contract that represents that bet, use wallets for the money and identification management, and ultimately for the pay out.

You want to use the Bubble app for the contract interactions, but don’t do it for handling the actual betting logic.

I’m open to helping out further, let me know if that’s something you’re open to.

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Hi, I would be insterested, what kind of solutions you you recommend me (especially on the actual betting logic) ? My betting app would be really simple, users bets on the outcome of an “event” (political…) and the gains are proportionally sended to the winners depending on how much the “losers” bet.

Hey Nantoine333,

I did some digging and it turns out that building a Crypto betting app have very heavy restrictions as it comes under regulated territory. which is similar to what you are trying to build is actually disallowed in the United States.

But if you want to try and build this, you would need a contract template that can generically interpret bets, and have a system that definitively proves that a certain condition of the bet is won and makes the appropriate distributions.

Are there any other non-betting crypto ideas that you’ve thought about, that you’d like to build?

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Check this link. For an example of a prediction market.

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I would love some help, on how to implement crypto payments for the current situation (like which API to use), how to setup a contract and other things.

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