Is this possible....?

Hello all, although I’ve read it’s possible to create any web app using Bubble, I haven’t seen anything that suggests what I’m after is possible :confused:

I want to create a very simple database and user interface where the user places ‘bets’ on a GUI, a result is entered into the database and bets are paid according to set odds.

The database will record all transactions and allow admin to set, debit and credit balances manually.

This is in its most simplistic form although I have much grander plans!

Can you please tell me if this is achievable using bubble and if so, how easy on a scale of 1-10 please!


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Very achievable, maybe not say easy, I’d say 5/10 because you would have to connect stripe, and maybe do some calculations for odds, but don’t discourage yourself, it’s indeed doable!

It is completely doable. The difficulty to create it will depend in how deep you know Bubble, logic and coding (yeah, sometimes is inevitable). For a person it maybe 1/10, for other 10/10. It is difficult to say.

Agreed with the answers above. Just note you’ll need to use another payment provider, as Stripe will not allow any gambling type services.

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Thanks for the reassuring responses.

@lantzgould - I should have stated it’s not for real money, just for fun, so that should lower the barriers (I hope!)

@rpetribu - I did study OOP, relational databases and UI design many years ago so have a little understanding that might help.

@tomajx - I’ve got Stripe integrated for another project and fumbled my way through that and the odds should be ok for me. I guess it’s trying to work out where to start!

Thanks all, you will probably see me here asking more questions very soon :smiley:

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I have no doubt that Bubble is the right tool. As far as the math goes, every thing you could possibly need to know is available through Math.js. If this is just for fun, then that should be just about all you need for all kinds of it!

Can’t get enough of those Bubble Bits: Brian

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