Creative writer? Looking for beta testers for my pet project Novel Organizer

Hey all!

I’ve been working on and off with my pet project Novel Organizer over the last year. It’s a tool for authors to organize their fictional universe in a database.

Imagine you are George R. R. Martin and working on A Song of Ice and Fire. There are hundreds of characters, locations, events, artifacts and ideas to keep track of. Novel Organizer let’s you put it all into a system, categorize them, tag them and of course search for them, as well as structuring your story into chapters and scenes.


I’m finally at a stage where I’m looking for beta testers! Send me a PM if you’re interested, and feel free to spread the word!

Edit: Actually, there’s no need for a PM. You can test the beta by registering your book here:


Hi petter!
One of our partners happens to be an aspiring writer, what do you need for beta testers? :slight_smile:

@petter - really great concept, I’d enjoy seeing it. (I’m more of a non-fiction person, but the concept definitely resonates).

Your project reminds me of but with a much better focus on how to manage the universe of the author is creating, not just arrangement of chapters.

Agree on more featuring of the actual app on the landing page.

That’s awesome :slight_smile: I need a handful of users who are willing to spend some time using the system, and report bugs and suggest features. I’ve set up a simple bug reporting system similar to Bubble’s.

Thanks for the feedback! You’re right of course! I’ll see to that for the launch version!

Thanks! Yeah, I’m familiar with Novlr, and I’m a fan of the system they’ve built. As you say, we focus on different parts of the creative process.

Actually, I don’t see the reason why I can’t publish the beta testing URL here. Go to to set up a project and give it a spin!


great job, Petter!
and awesome design, really like the clean style of the dashboard.

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Thanks Levon!

Hi Petter, really interested in all this - just arrived on Bubble to create an “app” for myself where I can pull from a huge editable database of characters, locations, costumes, etc to randomly create stories. It seems to be close to what you were building as well? though the link doesn’t work anymore.