BETA FULL | Upcoming Plugin Rich Text Editor


YEP YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Direct message me if your interested. As a general rule of thumb beta users will:

*** Have early access to the rich text plug-in**
*** Must contribute to it’s development and growth**
*** Will have a discount when purchasing the per app license.**

I am at ready to launch. So DM now.

Whats up everyone, just wanted to post a small tease of my new upcoming plugin. It has taken several weeks to get here, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Special thanks to @jarrad for his dedication to making this happen.

I am super excited to launch this editor to be made available to the bubble community. A lot of more improvements and features to be added to it down the line. I also want to thank everyone showed interest in Toasty pro (which was my first JS plugin & where I had to learn a lot of new things). If you have not checked it out yet click here and please share your thoughts and comments.

So a sneak peek at the new rich text editor below. And please ask questions and share some ideas!!!


This looks awesome, Ali!


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Looks amazing @AliFarahat and @jarrad!!:tada:

Can’t wait to use it!

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This is a game changer, @AliFarahat. Especially the HTML output support! Thanks for the hard work, can’t wait to dig in.

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Im looking forward to seeing how this gets used. Could even be the next Iframe! Well done @AliFarahat on another useful, feature packed tool!

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Thanks guys appreciate the support

So who is first up for the BETA? PM me now with you app name

Hurry up guys 2 spots left for the Beta

May I sign up?

Sure message me please with the app name

@AliFarahat Hi. Just saw this post. Just wanted to know whether the editor plugin is available in the bubble community?

And just a small suggestion. If you could possibly remove the scrollbar.

You guys rock! Will the plugin allow html output for use with an API?

What do you mean by remove the scroll bar?

Yep it outputs HTML, BBCode and Text also inline images thanks to @jarrad

Yes but it will be a premium plugin

Will it be a onetime payment? And how much will you be charging ?

I haven’t decided this yet. Im Strongly leaning towards having on bubbles new plug-in store. But that can change

@AliFarahat, how’s this coming along? I PM’d you a few times and haven’t heared back. Would love to be able to use this in our app now that I’ve canceled my own plans to create a rich text editor after our conversations several months back.


Hey there if I recall correctly I have already granted your app access to it. It’s on beta and unfortunately it’s not as straight forward as many people think.

Let me know if you don’t have the beta access and I will make sure you do. In the mean time feel free to use the beta as no core changes will take place.