Our Bubble App is featured on BetaList today 😍

Dear Creatives,

Happy to see our app :books:FounderBooks.com buillt on Bubble featured on BetaList today :heart_eyes: Check us out here https://betalist.com/startups/founder-books

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!

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Update: Our product listing on BetaList was Retweeted 179 times today :star_struck:


I saw it! Great job!! :clap:

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Nice work, how long was the wait?

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Thank you @romanmg. Appreciate your support.

Thank you @stephencharles The wait time was interesting, around 70 days. Guess you had some experience?

Thank you @gf_wolfer :heart_eyes:

Congrats, @rams419! That’s great, and very encouraging to us newbies!

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Thanks @sudsy Thanks for the good words and wish you the best with your project :rocket:

I’ve used Betalist before, and you can pay them to get an expedited turnaround - a few days I think. I can’t remember how much it was - maybe $100? They’ve changed a lot since I last used it for a personal project 2 years ago, but looks like they still offer the expedited review: https://betalist.com/faq#expedited_review

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You’re right Gaby. They have a paid plan to approve and expedite. I chose not to pay to see if my product is worth get featured on BetaList.

Great Work! Congrats!

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Would you be willing to share any numbers/signups/traffic stats regarding your appearance? I’m always curious about how helpful (or not) something like Betalist is for new products.


Thank you @russ

I would be glad to share the Analytics from BetaList featuring. Hopefully it helps the community. Any inputs from the Bubble family on what are the other platforms to reach our target audience would be really appreciated.

Below are the stats from Today and Yesterday:
:books: We received approximately 150+ new user impressions through from Traffic stand point.
:love_letter: 38 new users showed interest to receive our weekly newsletter. If any of you not subscribed to our Newsletter yet, Signup here today. It helps create your Reading List easy peasy. You can Unsubscribe anytime.

In terms of Traffic, we don’t see it as a big win, but in terms of new Newsletter subcribers, we are happy.

On the contrary, when one of my other products featured on Product Hunt it brought around 900+ user impressions but the new subscriber conversion was as little as 15. Not sure if its right to compare the reach of two different products.

Below are the Analytics screenshots for reference:


Interesting data and thanks for sharing!
I’m inspired :slight_smile: Working on my first app.

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My pleasure @russ. What is the app you are building about?

It’s called Follow-Up-Freedom and it will be to allow the user to take a picture of a business card, as you’re out networking or at a trade show and then have an automated sequence begin. Email, SMS and landing pages with a video element.
The target market will be for business owners and sales teams that understand autoresponders and sales/landing pages and have no technical knowledge or desire to create their own system.

Thanks for asking!
Enjoy the day,

Interesting. I use an app called PING, which is an alternative to exchange to business cards. But they don’t do the next steps you are planning to do which is automated responders etc. Sounds a cool solution to me.

Let me know when you’re ready, may be I can be your Beta customer and wish you the best!

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I’m in the process of understanding API’s and webhooks and pulling it all together.
I love learning and excited to share when I’m ready to test.

Enjoy the day,

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