Croppie saving as different file types

Croppie is saving images either as image.png, or as the original file name. I would like all Croppies to save as image.png.

I have two pairs of three Croppies. The first three all save their Result Image as image.png, while the second three all save as their original file names. They all have the same properties as far as original file name saving.

When the user clicks a Submit button a webhook is triggered. The six Croppie’s Result Images are sent with the webhook.

The webhook creates a row on a spreadsheet where the s3 URL is written for the Croppie images. The workflow for writing the Result Image is the same for all six Croppies, yet the URLs come out differently.

Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated! I have tried re-copying/pasting with workflows for the Croppies with no success.

Here are screenshots of the results on the spreadsheet:

Bphoto1upload :+1:

Bphoto2upload :+1:

Aphoto1upload :x:

I am happy to provide more context and screenshots for clarity!