Crowdfunding and Group Buy Marketplace Template

Hi all,

I just published a marketplace template for crowdfunding and group buys. This has all the features you need to get started with a 2-sided marketplace.

-Marketplace for buyers and sellers
-Create a listing to sell products
-Accept payment or gauge interest
-Set goals and minimum orders
-Payment between buyers and sellers with Stripe Connect
-Collect a commission fee from seller
-Messaging system
-Manage invoicing, shipping, and orders
-Responsive for mobile use

This template does require some Bubble experience for customization. Admin will need to change the branding, setup Stripe API, and add domain details to settings and email workflows.

Feel free to give it a try…

Readme file…

Purchase details… Crowdfunding And Groupbuy Template | Bubble

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Great! Thank you for working on this. I was just testing it out and I’m curious to know if you have the functionality built into this to set a certain amount of investment into a product in order to reach a goal? Similar to the way you have it on the “guage interest” were you can set a goal and then fill the bar to reach that goal. I’d like people to be able to pay or donate towards the product/ idea while showing what was raised along the way. Currently if payments are allowed then the gauge isn’t.


This currently is not a feature. However, you can add this feature by changing the conditionals for the gauge interest meter on several pages (create_groupbuy, edit_listing, groupbuy).

Sounds good. Thank you @stephencharles

I keep getting this error when trying to register as a seller?