FULL Marketplace template

Hello everybody,
I just release a fully functional marketplace template with a lot of features that was actually an existing marketplace I made before turning it into a template.

Here is the link to the template where you can preview it:

I hope this will be helpful to many people, I really put my best into it :slight_smile:
I am releasing this template since we are closing our marketplace soon.
This templates thus contains a lot of features, and I recommend you to use it as teaching material or base to build your own marketplace.
It was specifically designed for organizing complex events such as exhibitions, etc. and is thus perfect for an eventbrite or similar platform, but many of these features are useful to any kind of marketplace, such as services like airbnb or any other rental service.

Our website had more than 1500 recurrent users and hosted more than 300 events, without any issue.
This template contains almost 50 different pages and more than 40 reusable elements.
Great care has been given to many small details to improve user experience.
You will surely find what you are looking for!


This template was originally designed for organizers of selling events (such as christmas markets) and their exhibitors.
Organizers can publish events to which exhibitors can register.
When an exhibitor registers to an event, he can choose many different options, such as the size of his selling space, optional services, etc. all defined by the organizer when creating his event.
Each organizer can then refuse or accept the registration of each exhibitor to his event(s).
When an exhibitor is registered to an event, the organizer is paid and the marketplace takes a commission.
This marketplace took care of this whole process with many social features ike messaging, email & SMS notifications, reminders, custom alerts and newsletter, profile pages, community reviews, and much more.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of features supported by this template:

  • Events publishing & management:

    • Easy step-by-step publication
    • Users can save their event as a draft to complete and publish it later
    • Organizers can customize their events a LOT: add several types of spots with customizable size, add optional services, upload pictures and/or documents, etc.
    • Organizers can easily select the exhibitor through a quick preview of their profile
    • Edit, Delete, Renew any event when possible
    • Specify deadline for registration, exhibitor selection, etc. to prevent unwanted registrations.
    • Automatic notification of registration status, postponed registrations, etc.
    • Ask exhibitors to submit specific documents and/or pictures with their registration
  • Events registration:

    • Search events a-la Airbnb: geolocalization, multiple filters, display on a map, etc.
    • Easy step-by-step registration
    • Save a registration as a draft to finish and submit it later
    • Exhibitors can choose among the multiple options that the organizer added and the price will be automatically computed
    • Missing informations for registrations can be completed on-the-fly
    • Users can save and manage their submitted documents to easily re-use them later for nother registration
    • Users can setup alerts to receive a notifcation each time a nearby event is published
  • Payments

    • For each event, the organizer can decide how the marketplace commission will be shared (i.e. if it will be fully or partially paid by the exhibitor and/or organizer)
    • Payments are done only when the registration is confirmed by the organizer
    • Each transaction can be viewed and printed through the user’s transaction history
  • Account management

    • Dashboard to preview important information such as messages and notifications
    • Inbox to view and send messages to other users
    • View & Edit your published or draft events
    • View your current or past registration and their pending status
    • View & Edit your profile: change your phone number, e-mail, adress, pictures, linked accounts & comments
    • Change your account settings: payment methods, saved cards, bank account
    • View your transaction history & print receipts
    • Manage your saved documents
  • Messaging system & Communication:

    • Internal messaging user to allow users to communicate through the site, without displaying their private e-mail
    • Conversations can be linked to a specific event
    • Notification system to display important informations to users (credit card expiration, registration status, …). Note: disabled in the demo preview since template preview cannot schedule API workflows
    • Contact-us and Bug report forms
    • Reporting system to allow user to report offensive/wrong content or users
    • Support for SMS and templated e-mails notifications
  • Reviews & Ratings

    • Users can leave feedbacks both as organizers or exhibitors
    • Feedback on organizers can only be left by exhibitors that actually partipated to an event
    • Feedbacks on exhibitors can only be left if the exhibitor was actually register to the organizer’s event
    • Average ratings and comments are displayed on users and events pages
  • Profile pages:

    • Each user has a profile page with a description, pictures and other informations
    • The user can change its profile picture
    • The user can add pictures ot his gallery that will be displayed on his profile page
    • Each user can also specify their social networks and personal websites
    • Feedback are displayed on the profile page of each user
  • Signup/Login

    • User can use their social network account (Facebook & Google) from ANY page, including dynamic pages
    • Step-by-step welcome screen to confirm e-mail, phone, and other piece of information
    • Automatically ask for e-mail if social network account did not provide any valid e-mail
    • Users can use their profile picture of Facebook/Google account if available
  • Help Center:

    • As an admin, create/modify/delete any help article from your website
    • As a user easily search and access help articles
    • Users can rate help articles to help you improve your help content
  • Beautiful & Fully responsive:

    • Modern and responsive look
    • Perfectly fits to any screen resolution for laptops, tablets and smartphones
    • Nice preview of messages and notifications through the menu-bar
    • Use of styles to easily change the look of your app
  • Security

    • Great care was provided to protect users informations
    • Data privacy are managed for each type of user and information through Bubble settings
  • Others:

    • Access and search the list of users using keywords or categories
    • Track activity through Google Analytics
    • Several useful pages such as: home, press, about, terms and conditions, partners, pricing, etc.
    • Most page elements are reusable for easy modification of common elements
    • Internal administration board to track bugs, content reportings and contact-us messages
    • Ability to trigger some useful common workflows from any page, such as signup/login/contact-us actions
    • Error reporting: most action report any occuring error to the user
    • Clear workflow organization: complex and common workflows have been separated into simpler and smaller steps to improve maitenability
  • And many more details and features to improve user experience!