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Css and responsive is acting up

we having issues with the platform we made . it seems to be internal to bubble. since new responsive updates.
We have all groups to show their elements completely out of place on each group, popups etc…

It seems to be bug that we can not fix at all . please see for yourself what is happening on our modules. no matter how we place them or how we combine them or move them inside the groups or popups, it make no difference it come out very weird on apple and pc . as well as apple ios9 and 10

It is very difficult to predict when the user will have a good or broken experience and it create difficult terrain for us to make bubble the main tool of work just yet. it need a stronger core when it come to responsiveness and cross pollination across all platforms and devices.

see how the group is restructuring itself to display. that create an issue because sometime it is not working on some devices and so it create a broken experience.

Are you testing the responsive design in the app editor? Also, have you watched the responsive tutorial?

You need to file a bug report if it’s a bug. It’s hard to tell though - your landing page seems fine. If you could give more information it’d be helpful.

For example, is this a bug within the editor - if so, can you at the very least provide a screenshot or access to the replicated behavior in a public app?

When did this behavior begin?

Is this displaying across all browsers and viewports (display sizes)? Is it isolated to a single browser/computer/device? Does it work on certain browsers but not others?

There’s a few different directions troubleshooting can take. Providing concrete examples of what’s wrong is the only way someone is able to help - be it bug or problems in your design.

I have been building all day on bubble and haven’t experienced any issues - with elements rendering incorrectly (or anything besides, for that matter)

I’m off to sleep - good luck!

the behavior begin 5 days ago. we could have go back in time but we dont want to as we applied other fix on other aspects since.

It display misscalculated css on a random . something is not working . also yesterday we got a blue screen instead of seeing the content. noting was visible . we was worry.

then it came back to normal . its been behaving strangely since 1 week.

You should file a bug report then