Pop Up Not Responding Properly


I would really appreciate any help. I have been working on this all day and getting nowhere. In short I have a pop up which is 1200 pixels wide. It has a few elements inside it most notably a repeating group.

Everything (pop up and elemets) is fixed to be responsive and minimum 20% width. In the responsive editor in bubble it shows as responding fine but when I check with Safari or on my iPhone the pop up does dot respond for mobile devices. Strangely it will respond down to 768 pixel screen width but breaks at 600 and lower.

Screenshots are attached.

I wonder if anyone has some tips on what may be causing the strange behaviour? I would really appreciate any advice.

Hard to say what the problem is without seeing how the app is setup as there are lots of different aspects to responsive design settings and parameters that can cause the issue.

Looking at your first screen shot, I am guessing the issue you have is the top section with grey background color that has text above an input. Those two elements are getting ‘pushed off the screen’ to the left. You probably have them in a group and the group is probably set to right alignment.

If that is not the case, the group probably has a minimum width setting.

Lots of possible reasons for it though.

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Thank you very much.

I have fixed this with some inspiration from you.

You suggested that it may be due to settings on some elements within the pop up so I started deleting them and got to the point where the whole pop up was empty and it still did not respond.

I then created a new empty pop up of same dimensions to see if that would respond and was going to add it to the pop up in which it is embedded. I then realised that this course pop up (that pops up from another pop up) was embedded within an element within that pop up rather than the pop up as an element itself.

When this course pop up was removed and added back properly it works as it should.

I am not sure if my explanation above is clear but it works now. Thank you.

Nope, but glad I was of help and you got it working.