CSV upload formatting for business operating hours

Greetings all! I am learning my way through this to try to create my vision and don’t have any prior web dev experience. I am seeking some guidance regarding CSV upload file formatting. First, the background on why I am asking if it can be done this exact or specific way. I am building a business directory of sorts that I will be scraping large amounts of data from Google Maps in an Excel or CSV file (Possibly 80,000 unique listings). As a result, the data set is too large to manually input, so using the formatting as it is provided is ideal.
The reason the data is strange is that it is a single cell containing a unique string that has the business listings’ operating hours separately for each day of the week. My questions are 2. First, there are two formats possible for a listing shown in the screenshot below. Can this data be uploaded and interpreted by bubble in a single cell? Second, if this is possible what would be the recommended setup of the fields for the business listing page to correctly receive this data?

The two format options being provided from scraping tool:
Option 1

Option 2 (labeled as old format)

Thanks for the feedback and help!!

Hi Chandler

You can definitely extract the information from both texts provided. How exactly this will be done depends on how you are saving this data in your database.

Your database setup really depends on how you intend to use this data.
If you are just going to display it on a business page, a single text field will do just fine (similar to the text fields you linked, but formatted in the way you’d like to display it ie maybe with a new line character between every day of the week)

If you want to do some more advanced stuff with the opening hours such as allowing user to filter the businesses based on selections ie show the user businesses open after 5 pm on Thursdays. In this case you’ll have to use a more advanced database structure using option sets. Let us know if this is the case.

Option 1 is a JSON object, and will be easily deconstructed using json tools, or you can use regex.
Option 2 is a generally well structured string, and you can extract the information using regex.

Once you provided what you intend to to with the data, we can help you with the exact next steps.

Hi Nico!

Thank you so much for the response and insight. I am addressing this now in my build because I am hoping to create the data structure with some foresight and also the import of the data is integral to the success of this venture.

With that said, ideally I would end up maybe right in the middle of the two scenarios you described. I will be displaying the hours for Monday, Tuesday, etc. on the actual Business profile full page. However, I would ideally have the ability to evaluate and display a small banner that has something like Open or Closing Soon or Closed similar to how Google currently does with some businesses.

I suspect this likely puts this into the option sets scenario. This would also create some consistency for owners verifying/changing hours on their dashboards as well and creates consistency. I have dabbled a bit with regex by following some standard practice stuff for using sign-in/sign-up password validation.

Additionally, two other variables come up in the string for the hours. Sometimes it can say something like “Monday: Open 24 Hours” or “Closed”. I assume that can be extracted as well?

Everything else being imported is fairly standard, i.e. Name, email, address, phone #, etc.

Thanks in advance for all the insight! I have a pretty fun project going on. I have 2 (and likely more lol!) other hurdles upcoming that I don’t fully understand how to execute yet that will be future posts once I get past this one!