CSV Upload Option Not Working?

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if any of you were running into potentially the same issue in regard to the CSV File uploading on the backend database? It was working for me a couple of hours ago but now the option to upload bulk files is gone.

I clicked on upload, and the first thing is that it doesn;t give me an option for the datatype. When I then upload a csv file, what happens next is that when I click map, the button doesn’t work?

Does anybody know the soltuion to this? Thanks!

We’re facing the same issue. Hope it gets resolved soon. Also, seeing the issue when trying to modify existing database using CSV upload

Got it - I emalied the support team and will loop you in if theres any updates!


Hello, thanks for letting us know about this behavior! Our team is currently taking a look at this and we will keep you posted as we work to resolve this issue.


Hi, everyone,

Our engineering team has pushed a fix for this. Please go ahead and test this in your apps to ensure that it’s working for you now.