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CTRL+dragging an element doesn't show placement guidelines

I ctrl+drag an icon to make new one, but till I drop I don’t see guidelines. I have to first drop it, then move it again to see guidelines to help me place it

It actually does for me. Can you email a bug report (generally speaking, it’s good to report bugs here, but for things like this, it’s more helpful as a bug report by email, so that we can follow up). Thanks!

I was using e-mail up to now, but guess this is better as a tracking system, plus others can comment too

I use Firefox/Win10

oops, now it works again. Strange

how do I close a post like this?

That’s the thing, you can just delete it, not sure lets you close or archive posts… Which is why bug reports are good but not too many, as it’s not relevant when the bug is gone.

why not add a Category called “Closed” then like you did with “Bugs”? Then one can edit their question and set it to “Closed” or you can also set old ones that the author forgot to set to “Closed” yourself and you consider resolved (or were resolved sometime later with some new version)

if it allows you to set color for that, maybe black is best for the “Closed”

Good idea, i need to see if we can make them not visible at first on page load or something like this, since the content gets outdated pretty quickly.

In fact that works, i’ll close this :slight_smile:

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So you can make a category to pick that is defined by a set tags (like [Bugs, Closed]). Nice

In fact it’s even nicer, the extra tags are filters of the first one, as shown at

there under the Bugs area there is a Closed filter that shows the Closed Bugs :slightly_smiling:

Why not make then an “Idea, Implemented” one too? That way can visit back Ideas and mark them as Implemented (and filter them out from the main view)

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