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Hi all,

As we’ve teased a bit recently, we’ve been working on an initiative to give users more insights into the bugs they file. We know you’ve trusted Bubble and built your idea, project and/or business on top of us, so the reliability of the platform is important. Though our Success and Engineering teams have worked hard to triage, investigate and resolve bugs (and will continue to do so!), this has mostly happened “behind-the-scenes” so to speak; we recognize that transparency with where bugs are is important!

We’ve created a new page at that will show you the statuses of bugs that you follow. A few notes about how this works:

  • This tracks Bugs, not bug Reports (you can think of them as different data types). When you first file a bug Report, it goes into the inbox of our Success team, who then reads it, investigates it, and asks you follow-up questions. This is an important step because 1) many times the bug is actually not a bug, and 2) the Success team is gathering information that’s passed on to the Engineering team to help us fix it more efficiently. Most of the time this means aiming for steps that cleanly reproduce the bug (but we know this is not always possible)
  • After the above back-and-forth (which can take varying amounts of time, depending on how much additional info is needed), where appropriate, the Success team member creates a Bug in our internal bug tracking system (which is a Bubble app!). At that point, we also associate the email of the person who reported the bug with that Bug - that’s when you become a “follower” of a Bug you reported
  • The new page shows you all Bugs which you are a follower of
  • For open Bugs, it shows the public status updates on that Bug. Some of these are automated; others may be custom-written by an Engineer or Success team member
  • For closed Bugs, you will just see the last status update, for the sake of brevity
  • We have “backfilled” Bugs to some extent, though not to the beginning of time, and in general not including their updates

Note that this is a v1 of this concept! We will monitor how this does, and are still actively discussing next steps. For this v1, for example, you can’t see other Bugs that you aren’t following - this may come in the future, but given the complexities of Bugs and how outward symptoms aren’t always very telling about the underlying bug, we want to approach it very carefully. Also, for now, further communication about a Bug you’ve filed will still happen via email.

We’re aiming to improve in this dimension, so hopefully this is a useful first step!



You rock, this is great :sunglasses:

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Hi @allenyang

Would be great to have submitted bugs as a grouping as well. There is a delay between us submitting and it being open so it would be good to see our bugs transition between the status so we can see progress. Otherwise you submit and it disappears for a period then suddenly appears in Open Cases.


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This page redirects to homepage on mobile or on my phone

The “Closed Cases” doesn’t identify if the bug was solved or not. Just says it was closed.

For example, it is my understanding that the “Changing alignment on dropdown element does not change text location in dropdown” cannot be fixed, but to the casual observer who sees this as close, they might think that it is fixed.

Only works if you are logged in

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Nice! Keep 'em coming.

@simon To your point - yes, that’s a limitation for now. Basically, when you submit a bug, it lives as an email thread (we use Helpscout on top of email, but still). We view it as a Report that then gets investigated and, if it does seem like a bug, then it gets created into a Bug in our system. We agree it’d be nicer to have tracking of all Reports + Bugs overall - a bit farther off but on our radar :slight_smile:

@robert - that’s correct. Closed cases will also include tickets where we’ve made the decision that we can’t / won’t fix it right now, most likely because the cost of fixing it is disproportional to the benefit (or even risky in some cases). We do want to signify though that the ticket is closed - i.e. it’s not on our immediate to-do list one way or another.

Why can’t there be a visual “tag” or indication of “fixed” or “not fixed” next to “closed” so the viewer knows what to do.

A few suggestions:

  • The original bug ID is nowhere to be found. That seems like a glaring oversight. How else can I correlate it with past email exchanges with Bubble support?
  • Similarly, there’s no link to or details from the original report submitted by the user.
  • The layout is really quite poor and rather difficult to read. Some basic formatting and indentation would help.
  • I realize this feature is in “alpha”, but why force the user to bookmark the page? Why not a simple “My Bugs” section in my Bubble account? (Or am I overlooking the link?)

Honestly, in its current state, it’s is not very useful. Thanks for the effort though.

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Hi there @allenyang - is this initiative still active?
I am trying to track a bug but this page seems to be blank.


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You have to be logged in :slight_smile: :computer: