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Curl : Send local image to Bubble database

Hi !
From my mac, I try to send a local image to my Bubbledatabase but it doesn’t work. I don’t know code so it’s really blurred. It’s seems like Bubble retrieve only the path but not the file.

I have this API workflow in my Bubble’s backend workflows with parameter “file” with type=image like this :

And I try to create a new thing like this :

When I send the curl from my terminal, my new thing created but my field “photo” (type=image) is still empty.
curl -F [email protected]/Users/me/Documents/Postcard/Zoom/train.jpg

I get this error in my terminal :
{"statusCode":400,"body":{"status":"MISSING_DATA","message":"Missing parameter for workflow photo: parameter file"}}

I search similar topics in the forum but I didn’t find it.
And sorry for my bad english !
Thank you very much for your help !

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Can anybody help me ?
Thank you very much

having trouble myself… any luck?

if you are trying to update data, then why are you not calling the data api?

ref docs for data api dont appear to support mapping of key value parms where typeOf the value is an image.

i’d review whether its WF api or Data api u want to call in order to update the data layer.

i’d review the ref docs for the chosen api to double check that keys and values used in parms actually allow type ““image”” .