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I am a newbie on Bubble but really happy to discover this great tool. (Discovered through BFM Business!)

Is it possible to upload pictures through CSV? I tried from local and from our server but every time pictures are not uploaded.

Thank you for you help

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You can, but you have to provide a URL, so the image has to be on a server somewhere. We don’t support bulk uploads of images yet (but are working on exposing an API that’ll let you do this).

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Thank you Emmanuel for your answer.

I provided an URL from our server for each picture but they are not displaying. If I go to “modify an existing database entry”, and click on “see” next to the image, we access the image on our server. Once we try to call the data entry on a page, the pictures are not displaying.

Any idea?

Can you email us at [email protected] for this situation, can’t say anything without seeing the data.

Hey @emmanuel,

I was wondering if there has been any progress on the bulk upload of images mentioned above?



The API workflows exposed recently would allow this to happen I would think. So you could ping an endpoint with images and upload them within the workflow.

Yes, especially using this https://bubble.io/reference#Data.Messages.image.saved_s3, which lets you take an image stored somewhere else and save it to Bubble’s storage.

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So in the context of uploading Images through a CSV, how does one do this after uploading images to an external provider?

You’d have to use an API workflow and write a script to do this. Uploading a CSV won’t let you do this operation on the images.

So in essence, the only way I can upload a list of images as a field is to create a page and use multi-uploader?

By “list of images” do you mean … a list of URLs that point to images externally ?

Or like your “camera roll” … so a load of actual images.

Preferably the former for faster uploading (I have alot of images)

But the latter would be fine too

Anything but uploading each image one by one …

If you had a list you could maybe upload the URLs as text and then use the Bulk API function to copy to S3 ?

Thanks NigelG.

How do you use the Bulk API plugin? I can’t find it.

In the data tab.

“Bulk Action”.

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Hello, I want to use pictures in my app and store them in a database.
Here i read that i have to upload a list of picture ULR as a csv file,
which i understand and which i can do.
Then i have to use bulk action to copy them to S3.
Is there a function that will change the field type to picture and then put the s3 ULR in that field automatically?
Would somebody please help me by describing how i can do this in detail.
Thank you for your suppport !! regards from germany. Marc

This shows the s3 in action.


Hi there,
I’m trying to let the user upload a CSV file containing among other things, a list of images.
I’m getting the following error:
The format of the file is exactly the format I exported through the database (minus the automatic columns).

I read here about API workflow, but I don’t understand how to iterate over the lines of the file rows.