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CSV Images Upload


I am a newbie on Bubble but really happy to discover this great tool. (Discovered through BFM Business!)

Is it possible to upload pictures through CSV? I tried from local and from our server but every time pictures are not uploaded.

Thank you for you help

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You can, but you have to provide a URL, so the image has to be on a server somewhere. We don’t support bulk uploads of images yet (but are working on exposing an API that’ll let you do this).

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Thank you Emmanuel for your answer.

I provided an URL from our server for each picture but they are not displaying. If I go to “modify an existing database entry”, and click on “see” next to the image, we access the image on our server. Once we try to call the data entry on a page, the pictures are not displaying.

Any idea?

Can you email us at [email protected] for this situation, can’t say anything without seeing the data.

Hey @emmanuel,

I was wondering if there has been any progress on the bulk upload of images mentioned above?



The API workflows exposed recently would allow this to happen I would think. So you could ping an endpoint with images and upload them within the workflow.

Yes, especially using this, which lets you take an image stored somewhere else and save it to Bubble’s storage.

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So in the context of uploading Images through a CSV, how does one do this after uploading images to an external provider?

You’d have to use an API workflow and write a script to do this. Uploading a CSV won’t let you do this operation on the images.

So in essence, the only way I can upload a list of images as a field is to create a page and use multi-uploader?

By “list of images” do you mean … a list of URLs that point to images externally ?

Or like your “camera roll” … so a load of actual images.

Preferably the former for faster uploading (I have alot of images)

But the latter would be fine too

Anything but uploading each image one by one …

If you had a list you could maybe upload the URLs as text and then use the Bulk API function to copy to S3 ?

Thanks NigelG.

How do you use the Bulk API plugin? I can’t find it.

In the data tab.

“Bulk Action”.

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Hello, I want to use pictures in my app and store them in a database.
Here i read that i have to upload a list of picture ULR as a csv file,
which i understand and which i can do.
Then i have to use bulk action to copy them to S3.
Is there a function that will change the field type to picture and then put the s3 ULR in that field automatically?
Would somebody please help me by describing how i can do this in detail.
Thank you for your suppport !! regards from germany. Marc

This shows the s3 in action.

Hi there,
I’m trying to let the user upload a CSV file containing among other things, a list of images.
I’m getting the following error:
The format of the file is exactly the format I exported through the database (minus the automatic columns).

I read here about API workflow, but I don’t understand how to iterate over the lines of the file rows.