How to send an image to the workflow api?

I have an API that stores an image in the database. How do I send an actual image (byte array) to that API?

I’ve tested with postman, and used the “detect request data” option in the API to see what is sent by postman, when sending an image. But it seems that the API does not detect the sent image.

Is there a reason you’re not just using an image type and saving the image to Bubble’s file storage?

I’m not really sure what you are asking.

The type of the field in the bubble database is image. On the API parameter I can choose text or image. I choose image. But then how do I send an actual image to that parameter? If I test in postman with parameters, these can only be of text. So no byte array with the actual image.

But I can also detect, what’s sent to the api. If I test that with postman, meaning instead of sending parameters, I send an image, nothing is detected on the bubble api.

So basically I don’t understand how text parameters and binary parameters go together on the api. It appears to me, that even if I choose image on the api parameter, bubble expects a url which points to an already stored location.

But how do I send the actual binary image to the api?

You might be misunderstanding how images are stored in Bubble. You don’t want to store the actual image data inside the database. Bubble’s image type is basically just a URL that points to either an external image on the web or an image that has been uploaded to your Bubble file storage - i.e. appears in the DataFile manager list of files.

You might benefit from reading this post and this post.

If the image you’re dealing with is publicly accessible on the web, then it’s super simple. Pay special attention to the last part of the latter post.

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Thank you very much!

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