Currency reverted back to default USD

We had a customer make a booking on our marketplace today, we had changed the currency to CAD last year but after the booking today, the charge on Stripe showed USD meaning the customer paid more money (i.e. the listing was $50 CAD on our site but the charge was actually $66 USD). I’ve gone back in Bubble and checked and it looks like there’s no way to differentiate between CAD and USD.

Need some help here to change it back to CAD @stephanie. For more context, Airdev had helped us with some light additions before

@mannyojigbo The screenshot you attached is just for the display format of the price on the website and it is not the amount charged on stripe. The actual amount you charge on stripe would depend on the amount you defined in the booking action workflow. I’d recommend looking at the booking workflow (the button that the user clicks on to pay).

Thanks Stephanie,

I just heard back from Bubble as well as it seems we were running an older version of Stripe plugin (updated now).

Looking at the booking flow, I still don’t see where to expose the currency parameter and revert to CAD

This is the current booking workflow,

Is that the change? changing the text from usd to cad? I’m about to test now


@mannyojigbo - yes that seems right!

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