Stripe plugin checkout button displayed incorrect price at JPY,KRW,VND

Stripe payment popup displayed incorrect price when JPY. (20)
Checkout test
1, When the amount is 1,000
2, Stripe popup display 100,000 JPY
3, Payment is 1,000 JPY on test mode.

When set other currency, the displayed price is 1,000.00(USD,CNY,TWD etc)
Only JPY is incorrect. (20)

This is editor.

Stripe expect the price in cent. So do *100

Yes I know.
Should I ask Stripe for fix it?

Maybe. But do you send data correctly?
Maybe you can poste a screenshot of your workflow

I think I may didn’t understand correctly because the screenshot is confusing.
The issue is what is displayed on the payment screen? Not the one sent in?
Expected price is 6900?

Yes , because I tried test payment and it successful.
Only shown price is *100

Ae you using a plugin? (19)
Here is video when test payment.

Yes, Stripe plugin.

I think you should consider asking to plugin support first.

OK,Thank you.

If you get share you app in view mode, I can also have a look

Here it is.

I make app for only this problem and same problem happen in this app.

This is test payment.
Stripe shown price is incorrect. (20)

Not sure this will help, but can you try this: change the type of the field to be decimal instead of integer

I change it decimal now but not fix it.

You will need to contact plugin support sadly. We cannot see what they are doing with the price. Seem they do *100 but they shouldn’t for this part.

You can read this too

Seem that you probably need to add the *100 right at this step

Thank you very much.

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