[Announcements] Breaking Version 14 - Fix Zero-decimal currency amounts for some Stripe actions

Hi everyone,
We are currently rolling out a Breaking version to the Bubble engine that affects customers who use the Stripe Plugin with currencies that don’t have cents.

Stripe handles these currencies as “zero-decimal”, and therefore stores their amounts as integer values.
This is different to all the other currencies, where Stripe stores the amount in cents.

Our logic for these some of the Stripe Plugin actions assumed that the amounts were stored in cents, and were multiplied on our end by 100 in order to go from the Bubble value (which was in whole currency units, and had decimals for cents) to the Stripe value in cents.

Since this was incorrect for all the currencies mentioned above - but as some user figured that out, they may have introduced the simple workaround of dividing the amount by 100 manually inside workflows, which is why this is a breaking change.

No action is needed for most people to upgrade, however if your app is affected by this change, you will need to make sure that your stripe actions use the expected amount of currency.

Who is affected:

People who use the Stripe plugin, and have at least one of these 5 actions in their app:

  • “Create an invoice item”,
  • “Adjust a user balance”,
  • “Create a Stripe coupon”,
  • “Create payout”,
  • “Transfer to seller”

and use them with these currencies from the following countries

  • BIF - Burundi
  • CLP - Chile
  • DJF - Djibouti
  • GNF - Guinea
  • JPY - Japan
  • KMF - Comoros
  • KRW - South Korea
  • MGA - Madagascar
  • PYG - Paraguay
  • RWF - Rwanda
  • UGX - Uganda
  • VND - Venezuela
  • VUV - Vanuatu
  • XAF - Central Africa
  • XOF - Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo
  • XPF - French Polynesia