Currency Value Changer

Can anyone help me find away to change the Value of a Text when a Button is clicked? I’m using a Car Rental template and all of the prices are displayed in $ but I wanted to create a Currency Button that lets users choose another currency and prices be displayed that way

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  1. For this I would create a new field “Currency” type text with the User.
  2. Then somewhere when the user selects their location or similar, create a dropdown with the currencies e.g. €, US, Lira etc.
  3. Save this dropdowns value to the user.
    E.g. when button save is clicked: Make changes to current user. Currency= dropdown’s value.
  4. Then whenever you show an input or text you can have current user’s currency after the number is shown. You can just have a space button after.

hope this helps, let me know if you need further help via pm
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Thank You so Much for the Fast and Clear response. I really appreciate it. I haven’t implemented it yet, but still Thank You

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