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Current cells user

Can you generate a random Current Cells User? so dynamic image: Current cells user cover photo works.

But can I somehow set it to be random Current Cells user cover photo?

Hi there,

Have you tried with the :randomitem ?

Hi @b.goldsworthy01,

‘Current Cell’ refers to a repeating group, which usually contains a list of things, with each cell referring to a specific thing in that list, in your case a User.

So ‘Current Cells User’ refers to the user contained in the specific cell in which you’re referring to (via a button, an input, a text etc.).

So ‘Random Current Cell’s User’ doesn’t make any sense - it’s a contradiction.

You can have Current User, Random User, Current Cell’s User, or Random Cell’s User, but not Random Current Cell’s User.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to achieve, but from the sounds of it you want to display a cover photo from a random user within your repeating group.

If that’s the case, it’s simple…

Just set your dynamic image source to 'Your Repeating Group’s List of Users: Random Item’s Cover photo.

That will display the cover photo from a Random User from whatever list your repeating group is set to contain.

I get that and that’s exactly what it does. But I also have a button view profile within this repeating group that sends the app user to that specific profile using url. but if you do use that option… repeating groups list of users:random items Cover Photo
the button workflow doesn’t work it takes the app user to the same cell users profile regardless of the cover photo changing randomly

Screen Shot button workflow ![Screen Shot button

this all works perfect if you have RG data:current cells users cover photo.
so I assumed if I could get it to say random current cells user cover photo lol it would work anyway , from reading from what you have said above though, I can have Random Cells User? do you think that might work?

You can’t pick a random cell from a repeating group (that was just a theoretical example - that a cell can’t be random if it’s the current cell - it’s either one or the other).

But you can select the data source to be a random item from the repeating group’s list.

It’s not clear what you’re trying to achieve here (perhaps a link to the page would help clarify).

It seems you’re trying to get a random user’s cover image to display on a specific user’s profile page?

In that case you’ll use the button within the repeating group to send users to the ‘dynamic_profile’ page and send the ‘user’ of the current cell.

If you want to display a random user’s cover photo on that page you just need to set the data source for the image to be a random user.

There’s no need to even involve a repeating group list here - just do a search for users, and choose a random item.

I understand everything you said and I had done all that before posting on here.

The button will always take you to the same cell users profile regardless if the cover photo in the RG changes at random…that’s my problem.


Thank you everyone.