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Current date/time function not matching database created date

Hi, I’m trying to search for database entries using the built-in calendar. Once a date is selected, I wanted to show database entries in a list that match the date (but not the time).

At first this wasn’t working. Then I realized when I set the search criteria to the date selected, it was also searching the time. When the selected date (which defaults to 12:00:00 AM) looks for other entries created on the same date, it’s actually also looking for the same time, even though I set the calendar object to date only. Filtering this way wont return any results because the time of a newly created database entry will never be exactly 12am.

As a workaround, I created a separate column in my database to have my own “created-date.” Now, when creating new database entries, I use the “current date/time” variable as an entry to my own “created-date” column, and setting the seconds, minutes, and hours to zero. Now I have a “created-date” entry with a time of 12am.

When I first started adding new entries, my work-around function was working. Here’s the bug: later at night, the same function, using the “current date/time” as the input actually added tomorrow’s date, while the database’s own created-date entry was still today’s. Now I have two created-date columns with different dates, which breaks my date search function again.

Unless there is a way of searching the database entries based on their created-date while ignoring their time, can this bug be looked at?


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It isn’t really a bug, but it isn’t immediately obvious what to do about it.

What you need to do is change the Created Date’s hours minutes and seconds to zero.

You will need to use a filter, rather than a Search contstraint.

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